What’s New in DBGallery’s Version 10.2

Released on May 6, 2020, this release contains major improvements to image tagging and keywords management.  We finally have a Fixed Keywords Dictionary (aka Controlled Vocabulary)!  Hurray! It also includes performance optimizations, EXIF improvements and bugfixes.  The full upgrade list follows.



This release provides a significantly more flexible interface for tagging images. As keystrokes are typed a list of existing keywords appear in a dropdown. This has several advantages over basic text entry from previous releases:

  • Less typing, allowing for faster keywording
  • Avoids adding new keyword variances
  • Allows for searching for existing tags
  • When a Fixed Keywords Dictionary (aka Controlled Vocabulary) is set, it prevents new keywords from being added



The Keywords Dictionary is a new tool that allows managing the list of all keyword tags from a single web form. When users are allowed to add new keywords, they can be maintained here. When a fixed vocabulary is used, where users can only select for an existing set of keywords, those keywords are added here. In the keywords dictionary you can:

  • Add keywords via a text box or import keywords from a file
  • Update and delete keywords
  • View the number of times a keyword is used
  • View unused keywords
  • Enforce a controlled vocabulary to prevent users from adding new or incorrect keywords. This is set via the "Fixed keywords dictionary" toggle button in the screenshot below.

This new feature is found under Tools -> Keywords Dictionary Note: This feature is available to collection administrators only and isn't available to trial logins.



  • A rearranged and improved main menu
  • Dashboard performance improvements
  • Improved reading of EXIF Date Taken when Original Date Taken is not available
  • A new Details link in the EXIF section of Full Data View to display all available EXIF data directly from image files
  • Added a new Getting Started slideshow tutorial for new users
  • WEBP images are now supported in the zoom view
  • Fixed an issue causing incorrect orientaton of some JPEG images in preview