What's New in DBGallery's Version 10.1

Released on April 1, 2020, we've added large new features even though the primarily purpose of this release was for fixes and tweaks coming out of our huge version 10 release earlier in March. The biggest items are faster and smarter searches, a new data grid view, and the ability to add custom fields (admins only for that last one). Some of the tweaks are decent upgrades as well, such as clickable location breadcrumbs in the Full Data View's path and an improved Preview toolbar.  The full upgrade list follows.

DBGallery's Search Engine has been updated to improve both performance and quality of results.

Search improvements include:

  • With a "Relevance" sort option chosen (see screenshot below) DBGallery will match any of keyed terms, returning images with the most of those words matching at the top. See a more detailed blog post titled Introducing a Smarter Search.

  • When querying for multiple words it will match exact phrase by default.
  • Comments added to images are now searchable.
  • Searching tips are provided if zero results are returned.


New Grid View

This new view allows a quick look through data fields of your search result images. The Grid is available with the following features:

  • Edit image fields (appropriate permissions are required)
  • Excel spreadsheet-like navigation with arrow keys to make moving between cells while editing data feels like you're in Excel.
  • Sort by column values by clicking the header
  • Choose which column are shown
  • Change column order by moving their header horizontally

This is the first release of this new view. Any feedback via our Contact page would be greatly appreciated!  


Improved Preview Toolbar

The image view navigation bar options are better grouped and is adaptive on mobile devices. Note the position order was changed: "Close" button moved from left side to the right; buttons that change view ("Full Data", "Info", "Preview", "Comments") and "Slide Show" are now at the center; other image operations migrated to the left.


Image Location Breadcrumbs in Full Data View

It is now easy to see the path and navigate to a specific parent folder.


Tools to manage Custom Fields definitions from the web

Administrators can now add or modify custom fields definitions directly from the web.

Data Views now include Custom Fields

Custom fields are now included in the left sidebar providing collection browsing based on data in those fields.

Other Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • Fixed problems with PDF preview in Microsoft's old Edge browser (all worked find with there new version introduced in Jan 2020.
  • Added support for webm video and webp images.
  • Added folder creation to data audit.
  • Fixed a problem where users could see outdated versions of images cached in the browser.
  • Numerous smaller tweaks and bugfixes.