What's New in DBGallery's Version 10

Released on March 10, 2020, this is our biggest update ever!

In Summary: Version 10 has major functionality and user experience improvements.  These are all in our web version. 
    1. Complete image collection management is now available from the web interface, meaning all file and folder operations are available.
    2. Which data is shown and where it's shown in now configurable...this is huge for many of our clients.
    3. We have a new dashboard that makes getting back to where you left very convenient.
    4. We now have Virtual Sets (collections) and Data Views.
    5. Custom fields and now better supported across the web UI.
    6. Better insights into what is occurring within your collection via the dashboard and updated audit trail.
    7. We provide a brief look at each of the new features below.  There is also a rather informal video available where we ran though these new features with existing clients: https://youtu.be/Et1Lutr3zPk
The full upgrade list follows.


[Note: This information is covered in more detail in our 1 hour webinar.  It's indexed so it's easy to move between topics within the video.]

File, folder and collections operations

You can now create, rename and delete files and folders. DBGallery users can move files or entire folders using drag and drop on the folders tree. You can add, delete and rename collections, drag and drop files into collections all from the main gallery view.

Folder Operations Menu.

Drag & drop folders on the tree to move them. Or drag & drop image thumbs to folders.


Customizable UI Data Layout

Customize information displayed with the images on the main gallery view. Select one of the three options:

  • images;
  • images with titles;
  • images with data.

Select any standard or custom data fields to display under or over the thumbs. Select data fields that users will see and edit in the preview and full-data mode and specify fields available to guests viewing images shared publicly.  

Customize gallery, preview, sharing and full-data layouts from the Data Layout Settings page

  • Customize data displayed under the thumbnails in the gallery view
  • Select data to accompany shared images
  • Select data fields to display in the info section of the preview
  • Customize full data image view
  • Drag field onto the preview section to add them to the layout template


Dashboard and Data Insights

Get instant insights into your assets collection from the fully customizable DBGallery dashboard. Get quick access to the lists of recent files and images, recent folders, most popular image and keywords, active users. See collection statistics. All from one page. Select between dashboard and gallery as your starting view.

Default DBGallery Dashboard widgets.  


Data Views

DBGallery automatically creates different views of the data stored in your collection based on the keywords, locations, dates and other fields.

Dates data view expanded.  



New granular preferences to show or hide dashboard, new data views, collections, and enable or disable comments.

Enable or disable features from the preferences page.  


New sorting and grouping options

DBGallery can now sort your collection on many new fields and also group results based on the sort option.

Search results sorted and grouped by Date Taken.  


Advanced support for more photo formats

DBGallery supports reading and previewing over 100 major image formats. Literally any common image format is supported with full-screen preview, tagging and download. If you come across any image or video format that DBGallery can't preview please let us know at support@

Store any files

DBGallery can now store, tag, index and find any non-media file format too. Only preview isn't available for such files.

Custom fields support

Custom fields are now included in the data edits, full data view, preview and sharing views. Those views are fully customizable from the UI Layout settings.

Custom fields available for adding to the UI from the Data Layout Settings.  


Zoom preview

Zoom in to see details of high resolution images.

Zoomed In view of the photo.  



Enable comments to let your dbgallery users collaborate on the images inside dbgallery.

Sample comment and reply.  


New Sign Up and Sign In experience

Modernized Sign in and Sign up experience integrated with the NoCaptcha re-captcha to avoid spam registrations. (Self-hosted installations will require their own re-captcha keys)

New login page graphic design.  


Collections available in the web interface

Also known as Virtual Sets on the legacy Desktop application. A fast and convenient way to build collections of photos. Virtual sets are sets of images which are simply pointers back to original images, so using no additional space, negating the need to copy or move images to create collections. They're a great way to create permanent or temporary collections and projects. Some clients rename the feature to Projects, Light Boxes, Collections and other names to be more beneficial to their organization.


Improved audit

All data modifications, file, folder and collections operations can now be recorded for data audit.


Infinite Scroll

When scrolling to the bottom of a page of thumbs in the main gallery view, images from the next page will automatically load. This is a convenient improvement over being needing to press Page 2, etc. when reaching the bottom of a page.


Other enhancements

  • Preview images caching for faster access
  • Wildcard search
  • Advanced support for very large folders trees.
  • Fixes to the thumbs bar users see in sharing links.