What’s New in DBGallery’s Version 10.4

Released on July 21, 2020, key highlights of this release include a personal profile page, navigation breadcrumbs, and main menu button additions (preview and delete).

Profile Page:

A new "My profile" page allows changing of profile data. For those on a subscription plan (relevant only to our cloud.dbgallery.com hosted versions), this page will display plan info, payment history, and allow upgrades.  For Small-team, Enterprise, and the on-prem Server versions, personal information and passwords may be changed here, with the Subscription section never visible.  That said, there is no reason your organization couldn't setup and charge for a subscription with the Enterprise or Server versions.



This new feature will always show the current folder path while on the main page. Open parent folders by clicking on the navigation breadcrumbs.


Toolbar Options:

Delete one or multiple images directly from the thumbs gallery view with the new delete button on the tools panel. The "Open images" button is also now there.


Other Enhancements:

  • Select multiple images across folders, and across search results. Simply use the Ctrl key while selecting images in subsequent folders or search results.
  • Personal settings, such as sort options and images count per page, are now saved to the database so as you change devices your preferences are remembered.
  • Improved file type exclusion dialog to show file excludsions across all folders, not just the current and it's parents.
  • Bug Fix: All IPTC metadata, not just a limited subset, is now written to file types which support it.